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Cobal completes three court signage projects in a row

Cobal has completed its signage contract for the new Rolls Building in London, which will be Europe?s largest business law court, containing 31 courtrooms, 11 hearing rooms and a number of other rooms for public consultation.

The contract is the third in a row that Cobal has been awarded within the justice sector. Cobal also supplied signs for the development at Warwickshire Justice Centre, as well as the part-refurbishment of Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

Simon Roberts, Project Manager at interior fit-out company Mivan, said, ?The Cobal team was ideal for this project. They understand that signage in public buildings needs to be more robust. They?re practical and take a commonsense approach to designing and manufacturing signs, whilst understanding the finer details. If the right solution to a problem doesn't already exist, they find a new way. Their signs are beautiful and enhance the building.?

On each of the three projects, Cobal?s approach was to work closely with the client and its design team to provide signage that is appropriate for the specific surroundings. Philip Ball, Managing Director of Cobal, explained: ?In a court, it?s even more important to have clear signage: visitors have more important things to worry about than finding their way. We don?t want unclear signage to add to any anxiety.?

Cobal completed its work on the Rolls Building in March 2011. The building opens in the Autumn 2011 and houses the combined High Court business, property and commercial capability of the Chancery Division (including Bankruptcy and Insolvency), the Admiralty and Commercial Court and the Technology and Construction Court.