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A3 Fire Warden in Pan
Removing Inserta from Pan
Changing Paper Insert
A3 First Aid
First Aid Nameplate
A4 Fire Marshal
Showing Paper Insert
A4 First Aid
Changing Paper Insert
A4 Fire Procedure
Fire Evacuation

Improving Health and Safety

You?re at work, your finger has been badly cut and you don?t know where your nearest first aider is.

Sounds untrue, but that?s how we found an employee at an international firm of management consultants. She was in distress, standing in the corridor with a paper towel around her fingers, staring at a list of first aiders.

The problem was that she couldn?t see who the first aiders were. The notice was barely legible: the handwriting was poor and the ink had faded.

Luckily, someone soon came to the rescue, but we recognised that other organisations might share the same problem. So we went away and developed our Inserta range of A4 and A3 health and safety signs.

The Inserta sign

Our ?Inserta? signs consist of permanent text, if required, with a facility to accept an A4 or A3 sheet of printed paper. You can update changeable information quickly and efficiently, using nothing more than Microsoft Word and a standard printer, which means it costs just a few pence to keep the signs in tiptop condition. We can even help you with a template to maintain a consistent layout, so you can carry out changes easily in-house without waiting and without fuss.

Our Inserta range includes signs for first aider and fire marshal lists, fire evacuation instructions and fire evacuation routes. We can also provide a completely blank version or specials of your own design. If you can print it, the Inserta will hold it.

The Inserta range also includes signs that are mounted prominently on workstation screens so that staff can easily identify fire marshals and first aiders, even in a busy open-plan office. We also offer a range of lockable notice boards, as well as pinboards.

Clear, simple, attractive and effective

?In the event of a fire or an accident, it?s important that people know what to do, where to go, and who to ask for help,? said San Oberoi, Facilities Services Manager at Jones Lang LaSalle, which already uses Inserta for the first aid and fire marshal signs at its head office in Canary Wharf, London. ?At a large organisation like Jones Lang LaSalle, you can expect this type of information to change fairly regularly, which is why we use Inserta from Cobal. It?s clear, simple, attractive and effective, and it lets us keep our staff in the know without having to replace signs every few months.?

Some of the many organisations using our Inserta range of health and safety signs include: Credit Suisse First Boston, Scottish & Southern Energy, BP and Johnson Controls.

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