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Warwickshire Justice Centre

There are many things to consider when planning a wayfinding scheme. And the task becomes even more complex when the scheme has to satisfy the needs of several stakeholders.

The comprehensive wayfinding scheme we developed at the brand new Warwickshire Justice Centre brings together five different services: Police, Probation, Her Majesty?s Courts Service, Youth Justice Service and Crown Prosecution Service, amongst others. Each of these stakeholders had a say in how the system of signs should look and work.

What we did

We took a consultative approach to establish the best way to guide people around five departments on four main floors. We met various department heads to establish what they wanted and to plot which areas should be accessible to the public. The signs needed to help visitors to reach their destinations directly, avoiding restricted areas.

We believe it is important to be flexible when working on a project that involves so many departments and people, so we made sure we could still accommodate changes once the building work was complete yet maintain an overall cohesion. When one of the departments needed to change the name displayed on its signs ? that wasn?t a problem for us.

The results

?Cobal listened to what we wanted and gave us sensible advice,? says Geoff Russell of RusCon, who project managed the build. ?They worked well with the team and the result of all their hard work is a wayfinding scheme that we are all very pleased with. The signs work well. They also look fantastic and complement their surroundings beautifully.?

See photos of the building and signage on the BBC website.