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Cutting the Cost of Updating Signs

Not surprisingly, there?s something resourceful about the Facilities Managers at John Lewis Partnership, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and the General Medical Council. Like most others, they often need to change the information they display on signs. But unlike the rest, they don?t keep buying new signs in order to achieve that.

These organisations and many others, as well as numerous government departments and universities, have found a way to save money. We designed our Inserta sign to display information that needs to be changed from time to time.

How Facilities Managers use Inserta

Typical uses for Inserta include displaying lists of first aiders and fire marshals, monthly trading results, employees of the month, fire evacuation routes, sales targets, and nameplates on workstations.

One leading retail organisation found that, because its departments were frequently changing, it was spending a fortune on wayfinding signs at its headquarters. It switched to the Inserta system and now manages each change itself ? for just a few pence each time.

Another global organisation creates teams for specific short-term projects, disbands them at the end of each project and then creates new teams. It uses Inserta signs to identify these teams with names and photographs. Excellent for communication and staff morale.

How the Inserta system works

The system manages a combination of permanent and temporary information. We deal with the permanent data, allowing you to update the changeable using nothing more than Microsoft Word and a standard office printer. We can supply a template that enables you to maintain a highly professional appearance from day one.

This means you are always in control: no more waiting, no more fuss, and changes cost no more than a few pence. Great for reducing stress levels, great for your budget, and also great for the environment.

Positive feedback

?A key objective for our head offices in Victoria was to create an easy to follow signage system that was flexible, cost effective and easy to maintain in a fast moving office environment,? said Cliff Thomas, Facilities Manager, Projects, John Lewis Partnership. ?Cobal worked very closely with us and their Inserta sign has exceeded expectations and achieved all objectives. Their after-sales care, too, has been a significant factor in our ongoing relationship.?

An executive at one of the largest FM companies said, ?We are tasked by our client to reduce costs by 5% every year. The Cobal Inserta sign has helped us to achieve this and eliminate a lot of wasted man hours.?

One Facilities Manager at the HQ of a global company stated, ?The finished effect is just terrific. Thanks to the Cobal Inserta sign, we no longer have to keep littering our offices with paper and Blu-Tack.?

We developed the Inserta sign, like many of our ideas, to solve a specific problem that one of our customers had. As it turned out, that client?s problem was far from unique: we have supplied the sign ? both standard versions and custom-designed formats ? to many leading organisations already.

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