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"Cobal approach projects with a can-do attitude. They deliver on time and within budget and fix problems with ingenuity and a resolve not to inconvenience."

Martin Witts, Design Partner - sosna witts
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Architects & Designers

Signs for Architects and Designers

We work closely with you to deliver your vision and aim to build a partnership with the design team. By actively listening to the brief, we identify the requirements for the signage and create imaginative solutions.

We strongly believe that signage should enhance people?s experience of a building.

Creative - delivering imagination

We will help you from the design of a major branding sign right through to changeable nameplates and all points in between.

At planning stage, we can help develop wayfinding strategies, produce mock-up visuals and sample boards to assist with ?look and feel? sessions. Analysis of the use of the building will help define the type and location of signage.

Our project managers keep a close eye on detail right through approval, manufacture and installation until the project has been successfully completed.

A common complaint that we have heard from designers is that when they return to the project after some time, they are dismayed by the number of ?temporary notices? and blu-tak. Consequently, a hallmark of our products is to help the end user manage change, especially churn, simply and very effectively.

Cobal?s unique product range, which includes manifestation, notice boards and workstation accessories as well as all signage, ensures consistency throughout your project with a single point of contact.