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Combination Notice Board
A4 & A3 Pin/Dry Wipe Board Range for Workstations
A3 Combi on Workstation Bracket
Glass Dry Wipe Edge Detail
Wall Mounted Applico
Scroll Showcase
Seccia Edge Detail
Combination - Corner Detail
On The Case Lockable Notice Board
A3 Seccia Ultra
Security Notice Board
Free Standing Magnetic Dry Wipe

Dry Wipe & Notice Boards

Our market research found that conventional whiteboards invariably came with chunky frames and, whilst the boards worked quite well, they were not aesthetically pleasing.

Magnetic dry wipe boards

So, we have designed a range of magnetic dry wipe boards that have elegant slim lines and virtually no external framing.

Pin boards

Similar frames are used on our pin boards, the business part of which is made from the incredible self-healing Marmoleum Bulletin Board, which is produced from renewable raw materials. Take a look at our Environmental Policy for more information about this amazing material.

Dry wipe boards

Our latest development in dry wipe boards is toughened glass. Well designed with bevelled edges they can be produced from standard or low iron glass and are particularly attractive when used with stand off fixings.

These beautifully designed yet simple notice boards will enhance any wall whether it is in the boardroom, meeting rooms, or training and conference environment.