"From surveying, to the production of drawings, to the swift answering of telephone and e-mail enquiries, through to the installation of the signs, they have provided us with an excellent service."

Richard Webster, Estates Department - University of Winchester
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Signage for schools, colleges, and universities

For many years, Cobal has been a leader in developing wayfinding strategies and sign schemes for the education market - from universities and colleges to academies, secondary and primary schools.

We know that signage needs to do more than simply guide people around your buildings. It needs to emphasise your ?brand?, be aesthetically pleasing as well as fit for purpose and be able to withstand the often rigorous environment.

Experienced - understanding environments

We have a thorough knowledge of the education sector and can offer practical advice, whether you are the principal of the establishment, a designer or contractor, be it PFI, design and build, or as a sub contractor.

Each project brings it own specific issues, such as a vast university campus spread over many acres, a special needs school where DDA is highly relevant, or a primary school where symbols and colours may play a greater role than, say, the possible modular wayfinding of a modern academy.

Our experience and wayfinding product range provide us with a strong base on which we can develop the signage strategy that is right for your particular educational establishment.