"Cobal Signs were very responsive throughout design development and performed very well on site with the main contractor. The signage was an integral part of the design and we are very pleased with it."

Berman Geddes Stretton, Architects + Designers
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Wayfinding signage

Effective wayfinding delivers the right amount of information to a visitor at the right time and in the right place. It is based on common sense which, it has to be said, is not always common practice.

The golden rule of wayfinding signage is to keep it simple at all times, and so deliver a system that is clear and concise. The aim is always to ensure that the visitor has an easy journey through a new environment. The final objective being that they leave with a pleasing and positive experience of the building and facilities.

A good wayfinding sign system will complement and even enhance the strategy, and the approach needs to be holistic. For instance, the location of Fire Exit signage will need to be closely co-ordinated with the directional signage.

Wayfinding signage planning

Without doubt, one of the most important processes in developing a highly effective wayfinding system revolves around thoroughness of planning. Time spent at the beginning will pay handsome dividends both during the development of the system and in its effectiveness when installed.

This information gathering stage is vital and, in the case of an existing facility, will involve careful study of movement around the building. For new buildings under construction, this will be undertaken from floor/site plans.