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Inserta with Header on Workstation Bracket
Inserta on Workstation Bracket
Vario 28 with Free/Engaged Slider
Inserta with Free/Engaged Slider
Double Sided Inserta
Double Sided Vario
Double Sided Inserta on Saddle Bracket
Classic Nameplate
Inserta with Logo
Vario 58 with Self Adhesive Vinyl
Vario 58 with Stainless Steel Header
Dry Wipe Nameplate
Assorted Nameplates


How often will the information on signs be changed?

A very strong theme that runs through most of the Cobal range of signs is our approach to managing changeable information.

Flexibility is the golden rule.


This is of paramount importance when considering the choice of design and materials with nameplates. With churn and ever increasing changes in organisations, it is vital that this is carefully considered at the outset.

Practically and economically, name changes need to be designed so that they are carried out easily in-house, probably printed on paper using Word or Excel or similar.

Cobal Signs? versatility and skill will enable you to ?house? this easily changed paper element in a whole host of materials and designs. These range from small nameplates to go on pedestals to group and team signs located at the entrance to a cluster of workstations. Regardless of size, all can be neatly managed.

All of our nameplates can be fitted with brackets to enable them to be clipped into any workstation screen.

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