Facilities Managers
"Cobal delivered exactly what Ascot Racecourse wanted ? signage that guides people effortlessly and with the same wow factor as all the other elements in the design of our stunning new grandstand."

Ronnie Wilkie, Director - Ascot Racecourse
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Facilities Managers

Working with Facilities Managers

Although often our first experience with a customer is via an architect and contractor, the reality is that we remain in regular contact long after the architect and builder have moved on. Some of our leading customers, who have been with us for 15 ? 20 years or more, joined us by such an association.

One major benefit is that we know their building and their signage as well as anyone when they move in.

Helping Facilities Managers deal with change

Typically, managing change, especially churn, is a major issue for most Facilities Managers, and most of our products have been designed with this in mind. For example, nameplates will often require changing quite frequently and need to be instant. Changes to departments occur less regularly, so whilst the signage needs to be readily adaptable, it can be approached in a different way.

Visionary ? creating solutions

We have many years experience of helping leading companies deal with such different intensities of change.

Most importantly, a significant proportion of our products have been developed in direct response to requests (sometimes pleas) from FMs. We ask, we listen, we produce mock-ups and visuals, add some value engineering and that?s how many of our products are born.

Partnership and listening ? two of our core values. They?re very effective.