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Double Sided First Aider
Combined Fire Marshal & Evacuation
Bespoke: A3 First Aid Inserta
A4 Fire Marshal Inserta
A4 First Aid Inserta
A4 Fire Procedure Inserta
Fire Evacuation Inserta
First Aid Inserta Nameplate
Fire Marshal Inserta Nameplate
Combined Fire Marshal & Evacuation
A4 First Aid Inserta

Health & Safety

Health and Safety signage

Whilst it is true to say that we have a comprehensive range of standard H&S signs, it is the special ones that we have devised that we wish to highlight here. Signs that have been developed as a result of feedback from (usually) hard-pressed Facilities Managers or Health and Safety Officers.

These health and safety signs focus on the need for changeable information such as people?s names, telephone numbers, locations or even changes to escape and evacuation routes.

Our experience is that unless these changes can be managed very simply, then eventually the scheme will fall into neglect. The Cobal health and safety sign range deals with the very essence of this issue.

Our signs offer you a very simple but powerful way to manage change very quickly and at virtually no cost. All you need is access to Word or Excel. We even provide you with the templates to ensure that future changes are neat and consistent.

These turn a necessity into a virtue with health and safety signs that are completely hassle free.

See some examples for yourself in our gallery.


Updatable health and safety signage that puts you in control.

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