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Corporate Responsibility Policy

Cobal is committed to the principles of corporate responsibility, and to applying those principles to our company to ensure sustainable development for the industry and community at large.

We will:

  • Work to the highest standards of business integrity and ethical conduct

  • Work with our suppliers to continuously improve working practices and develop new techniques

  • Encourage feedback from our customers to inform and develop better ways of working

  • Seek to maximise sustainability through opportunities in life cycle design

  • Measure and continually improve environmental performance

  • Manage our key environmental impacts with respect to climate change and natural resource consumption

  • Aim to be the best employer of the best people by caring for and

  • fully engaging with our staff

  • Invest in our employees and encouraging their development

  • Ensure we liaise with local schools and encourage their involvement with our company

  • Achieve the highest standard of health and safety performance.