What We Do
"Probably one of the finest design and install services I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Geoff Riley, Venue Services Manager - College of Law Moorgate
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What We Do

Our approach to signs and signage is very simple. We ask relevant questions and listen attentively to the answers. Some of our most successful products have been borne out of such dialogue. Where necessary, we challenge the current thinking and offer advice that is both objective and independent.

The solutions that we create are often innovative and always practical. They are stylish and yet ?blindingly simple?, as an architect once said about our inserta sign. Indeed, keeping it simple underlies much of our approach, especially when developing wayfinding sign schemes.

Whilst we will continue to be there for you after the signage or workstation project is completed, our aim is to deliver a signage system that enables you to manage ongoing changes yourself, simply and at low cost, both financial and environmental.

More recently, we were invited by a global leader in the office furniture market to develop a range of nameplates that could be added to their workstations. Following on from the success of this, we were asked to develop a range of magnetic dry wipe boards and pin boards that simply clip onto workstation screens.

Now, these are key components in helping to:

  • aid communications
  • personalise the working environment
  • ensure maximum effectiveness of the workplace.