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Magnetic Art

First of all, what is Magnetic Art?

This is our latest product development and we are very excited about it.

It?s a process whereby any image can be directly printed onto magnetic sheet. Simple.

Now, this is where the imagination can go into overdrive. You can transform the end of that run of corporate grey filing cabinets into a view of Everest or the Mona Lisa or the Grand Canyon or any inspirational image. The list of possibilities is endless.

  • It could be a corporate mission statement.
  • Or details of an impending product launch.
  • Or this quarter?s incentive scheme.

And the next Magnetic Art neat twist?

In, say, three months time, you can remove the view of Everest from the cabinets in HR and swap them with the pictures of a coastline that are in Group Credit Control.

The possibilities are boundless. If you can pdf it, we can print it on Magnetic Art

Cobal Magnetic Art can be easily applied by you and does not require any tools.

Contact us today on 01635 570 600 to find out more about Magnetic Art