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Wayfinding External

External wayfinding strategies

The most effective wayfinding strategies will be all embracing and extend from outside the site to all entrances. It is likely that many visitors will arrive by car or taxi and will want reassurance and guidance at crucial points along their journey to say the Visitors Car Park and Reception.

The wayfinding signage needs to be fully synchronised to support the strategy. It will need to be located at strategic points, invariably where the visitor is faced with a choice such as a ?T junction? or crossroads.

Hence, the signage needs to be both coherent and consistent, and one of the most effective means of achieving this is to use a modular system of signs. Systems such as aluminium post and panel are extremely versatile for this application and, for pedestrian guidance, the use of strategically sited finger posts can be invaluable.

Cobal Signs can offer at least 6 different modular systems to suit your style and application.